Oberfunker re-releases collaboration with producer Daniel Brandt as DESIGNED DESTINY on Dose Response Recordings


After over ten years of being unavailable anywhere but the second hand market, Oberfunker has re-released the collaboration with producer and solo artist Daniel Brandt on Dose Response Recordings. The updated release features five original songs and a single edit of the title track DESIGNED DESTINY. The EP is released under the artist name Oberfunker rather than Daniel Brandt (who co-produced the material and is featured as lead vocalist on most of the tracks) as when the release was made available by Aeongate Music back in 2006.

Originally the tracks released as a bonus EP under the flag of Daniel Brandt together with two additional tracks that where produced during the same time as the collaboration with Oberfunker. All songs where produced for consideration by the constellation Neurobash but where never used (other than on certain live performances) by the band. But Daniel Brandt ended up to work as a producer for the band during a number of years, and Oberfunker (Ewan “Ober” Kelley) himself took over as lead vocalist of Neurobash in 2008.

We are very proud to be able to re-release these classic tracks ranging from dark electro and ebm toa study in futurepop. Dark, energetic and hands on electronic music with dynamic vocals from mainly Daniel Brandt but also Oberfunker. DESIGNED DESTINY is already a classic in it’s own right and a true gem in our growing catalogue.