Neurobash and Oberfunker featured on new SWEDISH ELECTRO compilation

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Both Neurobash and Oberfunker will be featured on the forthcoming SWEDISH ELECTRO 2011-2021 compilation, celebration ten years of spreading Swedish electronic music for free. Neurobash has contributed with material from the start and this time around with an exclusive remix: BLAME (LOUD AGGRESSOR MIX). The original track from the latest full length album 2K2X has been reworked in an even more intense version than the original which we are delighted to present. Also, front man Ober from the band releases his first solo material for almost 20 full years on the compilation under the name OBERFUNKER. The track ALLES EGAL was written during the pandemic and features a blend of EBM and experimental electro with German vocals. Excited yet? We are for sure.

Stay tuned for the release! Release date is set to March 21 and the completely free release will feature a ton of other cool artists. Available right here:

Neurobash releases retrospective Alternative Agenda compilation album

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To start off the new year, Neurobash releases a retrospective compilation album of alternative versions and remixes. Some tracks have not been previously released, while others have been hard to find as they where only included on sold out and deleted releases. The material spans from 2008 to 2018 with some really interesting names signed on the remixes. We are delighted to be able to re-release these rarities of which all are sure to live on as classics. Find the release exclusively on the bands official Bandcamp site right here.