Oberfunker, or Ewan “Ober” Kelley, is foremost know as the frontman of Neurobash since 2009 but already began working as a solo artist within the same scene about ten years earlier. The first underground hit signed Oberfunker was released in 2000 via Aeongate Music (to be rereleased 2020 on Dose Response Recordings) which also appeared as various special edition singles.

Before joining Neurobash, Ober collaborated with a number of other artists and released a few more songs that ended up on various compilations. The collaboration with producer and solo artist Daniel Brandt resulted in the EP PROGRAMMABLE FUTURE and a number of tracks on coming albums. Since taking over as frontman in Neurobash, Ewan has only appeared briefly as a singer on other projects but have recently begun working on new solo material, planned for release by yours truly.

All photographs of Ro13 taken by Daniel Brandt, copyrights 2011-2017