The Swedish duo Neurobash delivers a strong and unique combination of progressive EBM and dark electro with various influences. Frontman Ewan “Ober” Kelly finishes of the sound with a broad vocal palette that is quite rare for the scene. Together with Patrick “G-Nome” Nelson, the band is not afraid to bend musical boundaries and find new dynamic ways to express themselves.

The passion for creativity and producing genuine music is always in focus for Neurobash. During the years numerous collaborations have been set in motion by the band. Most notable may be the concept album THE NAKED MOON AND THE VIRGIN SUN together with electronic music pioneer Ralph Lundsten.

Neurobash has also produced a great number of remixes for other artists such as Essence Of Mind, Virgins O.R. Pigeons, I:Scintilla, Unitary, Helalyn Flowers and Finkseye.

All photographs of Neurobash taken by Finkseye, copyrights 2018-2020